"I approached therapy with trepidation. Within a month, I was a total convert to its value, and after three months felt fully equipped with the skills I need to approach my challenges in a different way. It has been a very positive experience, and I'm truly grateful for meeting Jessamy and having the opportunity to learn from her."





"I am profoundly grateful to Jessamy for helping me to sort out my problems with anxiety. I had suffered for more than twenty years with it, and it had played havoc with my general health. Her splendid combination of down-to earth rationalisation and personal sensitivity started to make a difference to me within a few weeks. How I wish I’d been able to see her twenty years earlier!"

Michal, musician




“I have to send a special thank you to you for helping me out in my hardest months. I am glad we met and I think very highly of your warm approach and kind professional guidance through the sessions. I am in good form now and look forward to my new life. The road remains hard but I am well equipped and ready thanks to you!”

Property Consultant




“I was made to feel at ease at every session, Dr Jessamy was so approachable and friendly. I felt that I was really able to open up and that she came up with the best possible methods to help me resolve my issues. Therapy totally changed the way I thought about things and made me re-examine situations and behaviours that had caused me to feel depressed and anxious. I feel so much more confident and positive about my life and myself in general.”





“Thank you for helping to set me free and for making a difference to my life. I really appreciate your patience, encouragement and expertise. I have benefited in so many different ways. I’m now more able to make sense of what’s happened in my life, as well as becoming more engaged in everyday life. I’m learning to live again. I’m looking forward to a new beginning.”

Karen, Advanced Skills Teacher




"Dr Jessamy is perceptive, empathic, and quick to get to the root of the problem.  Her analytical approach and constructive feedback helped me gain the self-awareness and clarity I only wish I had years ago. Every cloud has a silver lining. My silver lining was Dr Jessamy’s support and wisdom to help me navigate one of the most difficult times of my life and to come out on top. A transformative experience.”