I have co-authored a series of six self-help books (This Book Will Make You…) to help people understand themselves better and to gain more from their life. When I was training I realised that the ideas I was learning about were really useful, not just if you were experiencing mental illness, but to feel your best more of the time. They were simple to do and easy to put into practice, but it was only because I was training as a psychologist that I knew about them. I’ve been on a mission to make psychology more accessible ever since. Amazingly, the books are now sold in 14 countries!

Based on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) they are practical, straight forward and packed full of strategies that are proven to work. Each book provides clear and simple ways to overcome problems leading to immediate results as well as long term change. Buy on Amazon. 

'Top tips for making your life loads better.' Cosmo
'Advice that really works.' Good Housekeeping

'Take on January with new-found serenity with this series of self-help books'. Stylist

'The answer to all my problems.' Katie Piper

'There is so much in this that I highlighted that I could quote the entire book! I read a lot of self help books… Some I walk away knowing I din’t take anything away, but I didn’t lose anything but time. In this one, however, I am keeping it on my Kindle and may wind up getting it in paperback just so I have it handy.' Creating Serenity.

'Make it happen manuals: the This Book Will series […] has no cringe therapy speak, just lots of clever strategies and practical tips.' Zest