PR and Brand


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As an independent consultant and specialist media psychologist, I am regularly asked to collaborate on a range of campaigns and consultancy projects. I love working with Media, PR companies and likeminded brands, to create powerful campaigns and appear regularly on radio and in the press. 

My role includes devising research questions, evaluating research material, brand partnerships and providing content, quotes and psychological comment for press releases and features. I regularly take part in radio days, spending time in studio commenting, from an independent viewpoint on particular campaigns. 

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Media Psychologist

Self-help expert

I am a go-to media psychologist and one of the UK’s leading self-help experts regularly contributing content to almost every newspaper and magazine you can think of, from Good Housekeeping to the Guardian and Take a Break to the Telegraph. I appear regularly on National, Regional and Commercial radio as an ‘expert’ Psychologist and commentator, including Women’s Hour, Radio 5 Live and LBC.  Get in touch. 

Speaking and Events


I love public speaking and regularly talk on a wide range of topics such as happiness, confidence, sleep, Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism, stress, bouncing back from setbacks and making life changes. I was the headline speaker at TEDx University of Nicosia and regularly take part in events such as Marie Claire Future Shapers Live and Women’s Health Live. Get in touch.