Nothing compares to you


We’re all guilty of comparing ourselves to others, and whilst this can be a healthy factor in inspiring ambition, drive and positive change, it can also leave you feeling like you’re short of the mark and have a negative impact on mood and confidence. To avoid this trap, here are seven ways to stop comparing yourself to others….

Be Aware Of Your Thoughts

Next time you catch yourself comparing yourself negatively, notice the thought pattern and choose to stop. Often, comparison happens automatically so we’re not always aware we’re indulging negative thoughts – simply noticing them gives you the chance to change your mindset.

Remember You’re Only Seeing Part Of The Story

Often the image we portray is very different to how we feel underneath; on social media, in magazines and at parties, people will show their best bits, but it’s not the whole story. You never know what’s really going on underneath the surface so don’t judge your behind-the-scenes by their highlight reel.

Be Fair To Yourself

Try to find a more balanced view by paying attention to the information that contradicts your negative thoughts rather than dismissing it. Take in the full picture of the person you’re comparing yourself to. Are you being fair to both yourself and them? Do you know the full story? Might they feel the same about your accomplishments?

See Your Strengths

Focus on your own strengths: what are you good at? What do people compliment you on? What are your achievements and personal successes? You’ll realise there’s plenty to celebrate about yourself, as well as plenty to celebrate about others.

Practice Gratitude

Appreciate what you have by practising gratitude. When you write down or think about what you’re grateful for, you force your mind to focus on the things you already have rather than dwelling on what you don’t or searching for something new. We can be so focused on what we perceive to be lacking that we forget what we do have.


You needn’t delete Instagram, but watch out for unintentional or extended time spent online, as it’s not generally very rewarding. Research shows that your mood drops after scrolling through social media and you can be left feeling frustrated, lonely and depressed.

Celebrate Others But Don’t Compare

Of course, the best course of action is not to compare yourself to anyone at all, but that’s not always realistic. Just remember that you can celebrate others’ achievements without equating them to your failures, we’re all different and are on our own timelines. Use others for inspiration or motivation, but not as ammunition to beat yourself up with.

Originally posted on Sheerluxe

Jack Hibberd